Presentation on fossils available

The slide presentation given at the February, 2024, meeting is available at the Field Trips page. The presentation titled “Fossil Trail of Washington and Oregon” describes sites where you can view or collect fossils. The PDF version provides one slide per page along with any speaker notes for the page.

February Board Meeting Minutes

2/5/24 MBRGC Board Meeting – Portal Way Clubhouse

In attendance: Bruce, Gordy, Wes, Deb, Mike M., Candi, Todd, Michael L, Ralph, Bonnie, Trevor

Meeting called to order at 6 pm PST

Secretary Report: Lap Room needs some help, middle trim saw needs a blade. Out of 1000 grit belts? Fishy email about a job opening – determined to be spam.

Treasurer: Income from dues, lap room, classes, club sales. Outgoing: NFMS/AMFS dues, books, club/mall supplies, totes for storage container. Reviewed where to find historical transactional data.

Federation: site has been updated for mineral council with our current contact info. (web master is not on leadership team, so there is a disconnect.) 2024 Show in Hermiston, OR, does not offer a lot aside from meetings, awards.

Mineral Council: Michael reports a good turn out for the Walker Valley field trip, though it was announced to us last-minute. Site has not yet been updated with full details, but the following have been mentioned as field trips throughout the year:

March – Cherry Creek (Jasper)

April – Saddle Mt. (Verlot)

May – ??

June – Saddle Mt.

July – Sweetwater (Travertine)

August – Lake Wenatchee (Garnets)

Sept – Red Top

Oct – Darrington/ Index (picture jasper)

Nov – Alger Mt. (stilpnomelane aka Dalmatian stone)

Check back HERE for updates:

Sandee Hess will offer beach trips, and another member has mentioned they may be able to lead a field trip. Does anybody else want to lead a field trip? We are offering a $50 stipend to anyone leading a trip.

Lapidary Report: cabbing machines have been price checked, Maple Tree option was from China and unclear as to metric/standard measurements. Too much plastic, so a vote passed to go with the quoted purchase price of $5800 for 3 new 6-wheel, 8″ cabbing machines. 

4x old arbors will be silently auctioned at the February 19, 2024 meeting. The bids will be sealed to avoid looming over other bidders. Starting bid will be $225/unit 1-4. Please feel free to come by the mall shop between now and the 2/19 meeting to preview the machines and place your bid. In the case of a tie, a second silent bid will be placed to determine the winners.

Mall Report: Retail is slow. Bonnie suggested that we move things on the club shelf and/or refresh the stock from the buckets at the Gerard’s. 

Show Report: a 26′ U-haul has been reserved, to be picked up Thursday evening. Chris/Tracy will volunteer at the club table. Chad Fox has been proposed as overnight security. New clip boards with volunteer roles will be circulated at the February meeting. 8 display cases have been reserved, and it was decided to use 2 more to display historical club photos. Grants burgers has been secured for our food truck option at the show. Old vests will be available to be donned by volunteers at the show.

An inquiry was raised about purchase orders vs. payments in advance/ reimbursement to club members for club expenses. Apparently this is not an option.

Cascade Radio Group – Victor Gotelaere was going to come talk to us about advertising opportunities, but was missing in action.

Scholarships: flyers were hung @ WWU in January, the admin was reminded about the deadline of 2/15/24 to apply.

Name Tags: Bonnie ordered 100 more card holders, but we will need more inserts. Mike M. will print on the new laser printer (club provides the paper and toner.)

Web Hosting: our web host, Network Solutions has offered that we can purchase the .com version of our site, but it was discussed, and deemed unnecessary, as we had a total of 206 views last year.

Meeting adjourned at 7:15 pm

Minutes submitted by Trevor Duncan, club secretary

January General Meeting Minutes

MBRGC general meeting minutes, 1/15/24

Meeting held at Pioneer Pavilion Community Center, Ferndale, WA

Meeting called to order by President Candi Gerard at 7:02 pm. The meeting began with the new officers being installed/ sworn in.
Our 2024 Board of Directors:

PRESIDENT:  Candi Gerard                 

VICE-PRESIDENT:  Michael Langley

SECRETARY:  Trevor Duncan                  

TREASURER:  Ralph Sisco


WAGONMASTER: Need Volunteer

DIRECTOR-AT-LARGE:  Bonnie Keel             

DRECTOR-AT-LARGE:  Bruce Wickler

DIRECTOR-AT-LARGE Alt:  Sharon Geleynse


MINERAL COUNCIL: Michael Langley

Secretary Report: updated the outgoing name on emails from “Admin” to “Mount Baker Rock & Gem Club,” to help messages get past spam filters. If you are not receiving our messages, please add to your email contacts. Many inquiries about vending space at show – the show is full for vendors.

Federation: Mike M is getting onboarded, more info to come soon.

Mineral Council: Walker Valley field trip scheduled for 1/20 or 1/27 (depending on weather), meet at the Big Lake parking lot at (time?). Here is the official page, which has not been updated since December:

Members Michael Langley and Sandee Hess are working hard to find volunteers to lead in-person field trips in our area. The board has approved a $50 stipend to anyone who leads a local field trip. We would love to hear from subject matter experts about Swift Creek, Fossil Creek, Blanchard Mountain, Skagit, Walker Valley, etc. We need people to step up and lead the way in this area. Participation is key!

Lapidary Room: all is well, has been slow. The board has approved the purchase of 3 new all-in-one 6-wheeled (8″) cabochon machines. Candi and Gordy are getting quotes. We will update everyone with news about this, and decide what to do with the old arbors. Stay tuned!

Treasurer Report: Thank you Deb, for the last 10.5 years of incredible service! Ralph, our new Treasurer reports that the club took in $2700 from club sales, before expenses in December. Expenses included: Q4 mall rent, deposit for RRR. Friendly reminder, 2024 dues are due, if your family has not settled up yet, you can do so in the mall, at a meeting, or by mailing a check to our PO Box.  An audit was recently conducted on the 2023 books by Ralph, Bonnie & Trevor. Everything was in perfect order (Thanks again, Deb!)

Classes at the store run by Candi, Sandee, and Bruce have been consistent revenue makers, and are conducted nearly monthly. Stop by the store to sign up and PRE-PAY to ensure your spot.

Show news: it’s coming up fast! Wes passed around volunteer sheets for each of the stations that require volunteers (greeters, silent auction, raffle, spinning wheel, etc.) We will also need help with setting up on Friday 3/22, and tear-down on Sunday, 3/24. The show is 10-6  Saturday, 10-5 Sunday. 

Todd shared with us that he will present about OR and WA fossils at the February 19th general meeting. Our website also had 206 unique views last year, including spectators from Switzerland and France! Please be sure to check out the “DIY Field Trips” and “About Club” sections on our website. 

After a brief break, we did a show and tell about Garnets. Thank you to all who brought a specimen to share! Thank you also to those who purchased items in the silent auction.

Upcoming events: 

Rockhound Downsizing/ Estate Sale, one-day only, Saturday, February 3rd. Location: Everett United Church of Christ, 2624 Rockefeller Ave, Everett, WA. 

Whidbey Island Gem Club 58th Annual Gem Show, Sat/Sun February 10, 11th. 9am – 5pm @ The Center 51 SE Jerome St, Oak Harbor, WA 98277.

Mount Baker Rock & Gem Show, March 23, 24th. Pioneer Pavilion Community Center, 2007 Cherry St. Ferndale, WA 98248.

Minutes submitted by Trevor Duncan, club secretary

January Board Meeting Minutes

Portal Way Park #53

In attendance: Bruce, Todd, Michael, Mike, Candi, Ralph, Deb, Wes, Bonnie, Trevor

Sad news about Dick Carr and Linda Mitchell both passing away. 

Meeting called to order at 6 pm by President Candi Gerard. 

Secretary Report: discussion about email account, complaints of messages going to spam, etc. We are getting a lot of inquiries about vending at our show which has no more space for vendors.

Treasurer Report: Had to call the insurance company and ask them to provide proof of liability forms for the mall, which are now in-hand. Quarterly rent check mailed for Jan-Feb-March. PO box fees/keys for hand-off to the new Treasurer. Trevor will keep a key since he can check the mail regularly and sees Ralph regularly at the mall. 

Store Report: The club took in $2700 during December, primarily from the sale of rocks/grit, books, tumblers, and mini stockings. Discussed 50k annual income threshold for non-profit paperwork. 

Scholarship 2024: info has been distributed on campus, but very quiet when it comes to applicants. Todd will follow-up with the department head. Should we increase the amount of the scholarship to attract more candidates? Small discussion about strategy.

<Side chat about lap room equipment and ADA transport options>

A motion was made, seconded, and passed by vote to upgrade the arbors in the lap room to all-in-one cabochon machines to make the space more user-friendly. Candi will get quotes for 8″, 6-wheeled machines.

Pioneer Pavilion in September (for RRR) – get keys at 2 pm Friday for table set up and booth spacing. Keys turned back in at 6 pm on Saturday. Suggestion to rent the space from 5:30-10pm on meeting nights so we don’t have to ask for extensions on case-by-case basis. 

Show 2024: We received a proposal from a member to sponsor the hourly giveaways by exclusively providing door/raffle prizes. We discussed this, and the proposal must be declined at this time. Citing that everyone would need to have equal access to sponsorship, which we are not currently equipped to address. Additionally, we have a lot of donations on hand and cannot prioritize some over others. Secretary will follow up with the member. Contracts will be going out to vendors shortly. Pizza will be provided on Friday for the volunteers setting up the show. Sharon G volunteered a crock pot of sloppy joes for the evening crew/vendors. White 1/4 sheet flyers will be distributed by West Side Pizza, who is also generously donating pizza to feed us!

Membership: ~ 10 new members so far in January alone. Back down to roughly 50% of previous membership due to non-renewals as of 01/01/24. Discussed badges which are provided to new members, and available for purchase to existing members, time to order more. (Thanks for your help Bonnie & Mike!)

Federation: Mike M. unable to get info via NRMS, no responses to his outreach. WA State Mineral Council has not yet updated their website with field trip dates and info. 

<side chat about field trips, $ stipend vs. miles, locations, and volunteers. Michael L and Sandee H are trying to coordinate for Skagit, Baker, Swift Creek, Walker Valley, etc. Discussed the need for a new field safety kit.>

Mall Report: sales dropped dramatically after the holidays, one vendor potentially moving in Q2, so schedule may need updates, etc.

Christmas party 2024: need a committee for decorations, etc.

<side discussion about bylaws and constitution – which is available on our website. Todd drafted a continuity document in the event of loss of life, extenuating circumstances, etc.>

It is time to clean out the conex, including a Lortone saw. Motion made, seconded, voted and passed for Trevor to remove the Lortone. 

Audit: Friday January 12, 10 am, there will be an audit of last year’s books before being submitted. Ralph, Bonnie, Trevor will assist @ the Gannaway residence.

Sandee Hess, new club greeter will be reaching out to new members and take over welcome baggies, etc.

Upcoming show and tells: (Bonnie) Todd will present in February about fossils. Wes may do a presentation in April. 

Should we bring back silent auctions at the regular monthly meetings? In order to continue this, items must continue to be donated. We will gauge interest at the January meeting on the 15th. 

Proposed, and passed a motion to change snack responsibility of snack duties to the refreshment committee. Ralph volunteers to be in charge of snacks, the club will provide a small budget for this to take if off the shoulder of volunteers.

7:35 PM – meeting adjourned.

December Board Meeting Minutes

12/4/23 MBR&GC Board Meeting Minutes

Portal Creek – in attendance: Sharon, Bonnie, Michael, Dick, Wes, Deb, Candy, Ralph, Trevor

Meeting called to order at 6 pm by President Candi Gerard

Secretary Report: phone minutes renewed at mall. The number is 564-565-0840.

Treasurer’s Report: outgoing candy for Halloween, dop wax, auction paddles. Incoming: dues, club sales, mall rent, donations, auction revenue
Discussion about holiday meeting on 12/18 – club usually buys turkey/ham, motioned and passed vote – approved. Trevor will pick up a choc/choc cake.

Reminder, gifts do not have to be rock-related, but should be $10 value, and please bring a gift you would appreciate receiving.

Club will supply plates, napkins, plastic cutlery, coffee, water, etc. Members need only bring a dish to share, and a gift if they wish to exchange one, and a beverage if wanted.

The meeting will be at 7 pm, the standard meeting time. 

During the holiday meeting, we will ask for volunteers to run for the new board of directors that will be installed in January. We will also take nominations, if you are interested in running, please speak up!

Discussion about amenities for vendors at other gem shows, such as snacks, water, coffee, pastries (for 10-15 vendors). Further discussion about having club members in security shirts at the show in March to have a visible security presence. 

Westside Pizza has committed to donating more pizzas to feed volunteers lunch on set up day (Friday). Sharon G. volunteers to make a crock pot of sloppy joes for the evening meal for on Friday for vendors/volunteers. Enough to feed 20-30 people. There will be a food truck available during the show, we encourage supporting them. Otherwise, bring your own lunch Sat/Sun.

Sandee H. will take over managing grit sales and ordering. She has also expressed interest in being the official club greeter for new members Talk of what to call this chair/position. Sunshine committee?

We talked about how to make the handing off of old-new board members more smooth and seamless. 

Next intro to lapidary class will be January 9th, up to four people can attend. Must be a member, the cost is $30, which must be paid in advance. Sign up at a meeting, or in our store at the mall.

Candi and Gordy will be in Tucson from 1/21 – 2/1/24 sourcing inventory. Trevor is going from 2/7-2/11. 

Bonnie indicated we have 0 speakers/presentations lined up for 2024. Are any members interested in sharing or presenting to the club in the new year?

January 15th show and tell: Garnets

Mall/store hours extended from 10am – 9pm 12/8 – 12/23. We still have room for volunteers, feel free to swing by and check out the calendar to commit to a shift.

Friendly reminder, some dues are still due! On 12/31/23, all unpaid memberships will end and this distribution list will be updated. Save Trevor some trouble by renewing before the end of the month.

2024 RRR: Space reserved Friday 9/27 at noon for taping out spaces. The event will be Saturday, 9/28/24. Open to all members, up to 40 table spaces. Limit of 2 tables per member, $10/table. Each space is 10′ wide and 8′ deep. Members must supply their own tables for this event.

Minutes submitted by Trevor D.

TLDR: check highlights in bold print

November 2023 Board Meeting Minutes

11/6/23 MBR&GC Board Meeting Minutes

Portal Creek – in attendance: Sharon, Bonnie, Michael, Gordy, Dick, Wes, Deb, Candy, Ralph, Trevor

Meeting called to order at 6 pm by President Candi Gerard

Secretary Report: new member, Zanna interested in helping with design ideas. We will follow-up with her to discuss volunteer opportunities.

Treasurer Report: costs of Halloween candy for mall, dop wax for lap room. Incoming: dues. Do we need any more physical gift certificates for the mall? Probably best to order more with holidays coming up.

We reviewed GC procedures. Do we need more patches? Discussed purchasing 100 more patches, thanks Bonnie! Motion to purchase new paddle boards for bidding numbers for auction – unanimously in favor.

Mall Volunteers: for anyone wanting to help man the door in the shop at the mall during the busy season, please swing by to put your name on the calendar on the dates you are available. No cash will be handled, etc.

Membership Report: steady! Several new applications to process.

Mineral Council: Next field trip this Saturday, November 11th – Blanchard Hill  Meet 9am @ I-5 & Alger Exit gas & go Dalmation Stone & Green Chert. More info HERE

Lapidary Room: going smoothly, small chip out of small saw blade, but still functioning. ATTENTION: the lap room will be closed for the entire month of December due to extended mall/store hours.

2024 Show Report: Everett already advertising for the May ’24 show, Wes will follow up with Mike M. about flyers for the mall, and to send to other clubs. Discussed security options.

Mall Report: business is still slow, club brought in $1300 last month. STORE HOURS: Black Friday 11/24, and Saturday 11/25 9 am – 10 pm. First week of December 1-7th: 11-8 Mon-Sat, Sunday 11-6. 

December 8-23rd: 10-9 Mon-Sun. Monday 12/25: Mall Closed. LAST FRIDAY 11/3 was our 3-year anniversary at Bellis Fair, well done team!

Vests: available for $25, will be available at the November meeting for purchase (cash or check only.)

November Auction: Monday, 11/20 – doors open for donations and bidder registration at 6 pm. Bidders to be registered by 6:30 pm. We discussed a silent auction for larger equipment. Keep an eye out for final instructions prior to the event.

While this event is open to the public, we will not be widely advertising this as a public event, to help keep bids reasonable for members.

Conex/Storage: motion to buy plastic totes for storing lights, etc. Voted: unanimously in favor. 

RRR: was it successful for participants? Overall mixed reviews. Opportunity identified to put out sandwich boards next time to increase visibility to the public. Big KUDOS to the city of Ferndale for being so accommodating. Date has been set for 2024 RRR – Saturday, September 28th (6 months away from show.)

Next intro to lapidary class: Tuesday, November 14th, 6 pm. Fee: $30 payable in advance. 

Minutes submitted by Trevor Duncan, club secretary

October 16, 2023 General Meeting Minutes

Ralph opened the meeting at 7 pm, with a note about safety, as well as recognition for Candi, Deb, Trevor, Dick, Gordy, Bonnie, Michael, Todd, Kevin & Kathy. We appreciate all you do as board members, and supporters of the club.

Welcome to our newest members: Zanna & Reinke, Jayson and Melissa!

Secretary Report: shuttle to Marysville show was a success, we’d like to know how to get more members involved next year, please share your ideas. 

The mall phone line continues to be successful, a friendly reminder the number is 564-565-0840 and is meant for business purposes only.

Treasurer Report: September expenses include store supplies, phone minutes, Oct – Nov – Dec mall rent. Income: dues, lap room fees, sales, RRR, vests.

2024 dues are “due.” If you have not yet settled up, you may pay cash or check at the next meeting, or directly in the store at the mall. Speaking of which, we will have our 3-year anniversary at Bellis Fair in November!

Membership: 166 active emails in our distribution list. If you are not receiving emails, please let Trevor know so we can make an update. 

Mineral Council: 2024 show to happen in Hermiston, OR. The next field trip is on 11/11 in Alger @ Blanchard Mountain. To participate, meet at 9 am at the 1-5 Alger exit Gas ‘n’ go station to carpool to the dig. Discover pass required to park. Find out more here:

Lapidary Room: all is well, all equipment is up and running. Please remember to sign up and pay the $10 fee in the store by Tuesday. This will hold your spot and help us comply with mall requirements on Thursdays. Thank you!

RRR (which has since passed) was a success, thank you to all who participated and made it a fun event again this year.

Vests are now available – thank you Sharon & Bonnie for being our models. The cost is $25 each, and we also have about 20 patches in the store you can iron-on for $5/each.

Upcoming: Skagit show on November 11th & 12th in Sedro Woolley. More info HERE.

Our next meeting on November 20th is our annual fund-raising auction. THE MEETING STARTS EARLY – please bring all donations by 6 pm, and be signed up and registered to bid by 6:30 pm. The pace will be fast, as we want to end on time without having to give stuff away at the end.

The December 18th meeting will be our annual holiday party & potluck. More info to come soon. 

Thank you Harold, for volunteering to take over for Kevin & Kathy in the kitchen during December, January, and February. We appreciate you!

After break, we enjoyed viewing opal examples from members of the club. Opal has a chemical composition of SiO2, nH2O (silicon dioxide and water) and is a mineraloid; unlike minerals, mineraloids have no ordered atomic structure. Opals are made of hydrated silica and typically contain 6-10% water. This is why they are typically stored in water, to avoid cracking and breaking (due to no crystal structure between atoms.)

That’s all folks, see you at the auction. Remember to bring cash or check to pay for your winnings!!!

Submitted by Trevor Duncan, club secretary.

TLDR: check info in bold.

Club Web Address:
Visit us on Facebook:
For Questions, Club Email:
Club Retail Store, Bellis Fair Mall, Space 424 (JC Penney Wing)
Hours:  Closed Mondays, Tuesday-Saturday 11 am to 8, Sunday Noon to 7 pm
Phone: 564-565-0840

October Board Meeting Minutes, Reminders

10/2/23 MBR&GC Board Meeting Held at Bellis Fair Mall, space 424. In attendance: Gordy, Candi, Micheal, Bonnie, Ralph, Trevor

Meeting called to order by President Candi Gerard at 6 pm. 

Secretary Report: 5 people signed up for a shuttle ride to Marysville Rock and Gem Show, Saturday, October 7th. I placed calls and have confirmed with all 5 riders. Shuttle is FREE, so is the show. // Have we received any more phone calls on the mall phone? Yes, it is being used and worth the $20/ 90 days expense.

Treasurer: not present, but all receipts have been submitted to Deb.

Vests are available for purchase! $25 for members (the club is subsidizing the cost.) Currently there are (4) Medium, (10) Large, (10) XL, and (5) XXL. Bring cash or check to the next open meeting on Monday, October 16th to purchase yours! Other sizes can be obtained, but a shipping fee may apply. Thanks Bonnie, for making this happen!

RRR: it’s happening on the 21st! 10 am – 5 pm, Pioneer Pavilion in Ferndale. Doors open at 8 am for vendors to set up. Tear down is from 5-6 pm. Each space is 10′ wide, 8′ deep. Bring your own tables, chairs will be provided. We had a small discussion about advertising efforts. Next Door, Facebook, Craigslist, personal social media, etc.

We discussed options and possibilities to help the club auction on Monday, November 20th, run smoothly. Talked about having higher-end equipment and items on a silent auction table to keep the manual bids moving along. Trevor volunteered his house as a drop-off point prior to November, and for folks who can’t make it to the auction.

Donations for the auction should be brought to the Pioneer Pavilion by 6 pm. Bidder registration will happen from 6-6:30 pm, to allow ample time to run the auction.

If possible, please mark donated items with locale, and suggested retail price. This will help us group the items together in reasonable lots.

October Theme: OPALS, bring your best example for show ‘n’ tell. See everyone on the 16th at the next meeting!

Finally, friendly reminders:

1. Dogs not allowed in the Pioneer Pavilion. 

2. To use the lap room on Thursdays nights, please sign up and pay the $10 fee by Tuesday.

3. It’s time to renew dues for 2024 – bring $20 cash or check to the next meeting, or pay in the mall shop.

Minutes submitted by Trevor Duncan, club secretary

Club Web Address:
Visit us on Facebook:
For Questions, Club Email:
Club Retail Store, Bellis Fair Mall, Space 424 (JC Penney Wing)
Hours:  Closed Mondays, Tuesday-Saturday 11 am – 7 pm, Sunday 12 pm – 7 pm
Phone: 564-565-0840

September Board Meeting Minutes

9/11/23, MBR&GC Monthly Board Meeting Minutes

Meeting held at Portal Way Clubhouse, Ferndale, WA.

In attendance: Gordy, Michael, Wes, Deb, Candi, Mike M., Ralph, Trevor

6 pm – Meeting called to order by President Candi Gerard.

Secretary Report: Shuksan healthcare inquiry about providing on-site education. Discussed; the club does not have resources at this time to provide. Trevor will follow up with the inquiry.

Lap Room – trim saw by doorway needs attention, 400 grit arbor is wobbly, please check it out. I put the lap room “OOO” for the week of 9/11. 

Currently about 4 people have signed up for the shuttle to the Marysville gem show Saturday, October 7th. I will make a last call at our open meeting on Monday, 9/18. So far, nothing has been booked through Fountain Rental, I can accommodate 4 riders in my personal van.

Treasurer Report: costs include store supplies, phone minutes. Just made a recent bank deposit. Unclear about current status of Insurance/ agreement with mall. “No news is good news.”

Reminder to start soliciting renewals for dues. October is officially renewal month, members can pay in the mall shop, directly at a club meeting, or by sending a check to our PO Box. New members that join now-end of year are paying for 2024 cycle.

Mall Report: discussion about vendor relations & sniping sales, general courtesy of other volunteers. One vendor may be moving around the end of the year. Current vendors are interested in taking over the open hours/shelves. In anticipation of the Q4 busy season, a request to keep products/merchandise off the sales counter when the shop gets busy. It will also be helpful to have more than 2 vendors onsite able to accept card payments, invoicing, and wrapping purchases.

Mineral Council: Little Naches field trip coming up. More about field trips HERE.

RRR: table space is full, thank you to all who have pre-paid for your space. Discussed promoting the event, where to advertise? Whatcom News, Cascade Weekly, Facebook, mailers to other clubs, etc. We need more 1/4 page sheets for mall, to hand out. 

2024 Scholarships; will Todd by handling like in the past? (Todd not available to comment.)

Discussion about security for 2024 show. Stipend for volunteers? More information to come about this.

Meeting adjourned at 7 pm.

Minutes submitted by Trevor Duncan, club secretary.

August Board Meeting Minutes

8/7/23 MBRGC Board Meeting Minutes

Meeting held at Portal Way Clubhouse, meeting called to order at 6 pm. In attendance: Michael, Ralph, Dick, Deb, Wes, Bonnie, Candi, Sharon, Trevor, Todd

Secretary Report: recent emails regarding rocks & items people would like to donate to the club. I am currently working on coordinating pick up. We agreed to keep the phone at the mall plugged in to avoid it dying. 

Treasurer Report: recent costs include: Tables (Lowes), reimbursement to Wes for tables, bearings and stabilizers for lap room, brochures, Mike Marsh reimbursement, wheels/casters, grit, honey bucket (picnic), store supplies.

Membership: 2 new members, 152 active emails on membership list

Federation: Show just ended 8/6, temps were in the 70’s with thunderstorms. WA mineral council overnight outing 8/19 & 8/20 in Greenwater. To participate, meet at Enumclaw ranger station at 9 am 8/19.

Lapidary: 3 new people took class and are eligible to use the machines, use of the lap room has been steady.

Mal Report: mall in general is bustling with back-to-school traffic, though it has not impacted our store sales positively or negatively. 

The July picnic was a success with ~ 32 members attending. Any ideas on how to increase awareness or participation next year?

Vests: minimum order of 20. Cost is $35/each, two pockets and very sturdy. After discussion, a movement was made, and approved (all in favor) to order 30 pieces in varying sizes. Extras to be sold in the mall store. 

Discussion about guest “speakers” at meetings. Please obtain board approval before inviting guest speakers, as we already have a series of presenters and curriculum lined up, and time during meetings is limited. Monthly meetings are not an appropriate place for our members to be solicited to, and gaining approval will help prevent conflicts of interest. Guests are always welcome to attend open meetings, to observe our club and decide if they want to join, etc. 

September Meeting: Presentation about flint knapping by Jim Fackler, club member.

RRR: 10/21/23, Same day as Bellingham Comicon, also held in Ferndale at the event center at exit 262. Discussion about auction and whether to move it, will it interfere with RRR? Decision was made to keep all dates the same. There are 6 remaining tables available for RRR – cost is $10 for 10′ space. Plan to bring your own lunch, snacks, chairs, tables, table cloth, etc.

On account of Labor Day weekend being the first weekend in Sept, our next board meeting will take place on the 2nd Monday of 9/11/23. 

6:50 pm – Meeting adjourned!

Minutes submitted by Trevor Duncan, club secretary.

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