5/1/2023 Board Meeting Minutes

Attendees: Candi, Ralph, Deb, Wes, Gordy, Dick, Sharon, Michael, Todd

Treasury Report: 

** City of Ferndale returned damage deposit (from show)

** Received last 2 weeks receipts from club store

** Received one vendor deposit for next year’s show


** Five (5) additional members were added at the store the 2nd half of April.

Annual Show:

** Outstanding show

** All finances cleared

** One auction item & one raffle prize remain at the store.

** Thirty (30) tables will be ordered for future shows.


** No new news

** NW Federation show scheduled August 3-6 in Billings, MT.


Activity is still good on Thursday evenings.

Mall Report

** Business somewhat slow since show.

** Mall management has sent communication to stores with guidelines for longer hours (including Monday). We will need to determine how this impacts our store,

** We will be soliciting possible new vendors (club members in good standing for at least one year membership).

Next Club Meeting

Next meeting will be May 15th, Wes will do a presentation regarding his visit to the Tucson Mineral Show.

Club Picnic

Discussion whether we should have a picnic this year.

It was agreed that we would have a pot luck picnic on July 30th (Sunday) at 1:00 at Candi & Gordy’s.

Rock Rendezvous

** Show scheduled October 21st (Saturday only) at Ferndale Community Center

** Tables will be only $10 table

** Members should bring their own tables

** Sharon Geleynse is the coordinator for the show.

Lap Intro Class

** Class is required for lap room usage

** Must be member ($20) and pay $30 for class

** Candi will be trying to schedule sessions each month

Marysville Rock & Gem Club Rocktoberfest

** Scheduled October 7 & 8  at Evergreen State Fairgrounds

** Flyers in store and at club meetings

Rock Sale (private sale)

** June 2 – 11 in Sherwood, OR

** There will be buckets and 2,000+ cabs

** Flyer will be at club meeting

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