April, 2023, General Meeting Minutes

7:05 pm – Meeting called to order at Pioneer Pavilion, 2007 Cherry St. Ferndale, WA, by President Candi Gerard

Guests: Nancy. Raffle winners: Nancy, Bill, Alex

Alex Newsom, our third scholarship recipient, told us about his project relating to the interpretation of magma flow below the three sisters in Oregon (specifically, the middle sister.) Working in collaboration with other teams.

Q: Are you involved in dating the samples? A: No, we are mostly taking samples by hand, about  50-60 samples collected last year. We are reading the element concentration > crystal texture. Other teams are taking other measurements. The big and middle sister haven’t erupted for 14,000 years, while the little sister last erupted 2,000 years ago.

Secretary report: Inquiry about stone from Skagit Mountain being used in home building, possibly during the 90’s? Wes reports most likely not. I will follow up with the inquirer. Second emailed inquiry from Crystal Heyer Letson; does anyone in the club remember her grandfather, Claude H. Heyer and/or his wife Eva? He would have been a member in or around the 80’s… no info available.

Treasurer Report: nothing new to report, just catching up on mail and show info.

Federation Report: nothing new from Federation, show in August from 8/3-8/6 in Billings, MT. Plans for a “late May” rainbow chert hunt in Verlot, WA.

Lapidary News: slow in the lap room at the mall for the last month. 

Show Report: 27 new families became members between the show & up through this meeting. Show was a success! 1470 show-goers

based on door tickets. Thank you so much to everyone who helped with loading/ unloading. Things went much quicker than last year. We appreciate you!

Field Trips/ Wagonmaster: We need leaders who know where to go to step up and organize field trips. If unable to physically take

folks, provide maps, and an idea of what tools will be needed for the job. Thank you Chris for offering your knowledge!

Volunteers to bring snacks next meeting: Bonnie, Ralph, Edgar

There will be a presentation at our next meeting, including a slide show from the big Tucson gem show.

Places to get big rocks cut? The Princess Jade shop near Nugent’s Corner was mentioned as a “wire saw for hire.” Their posted details are:

Address: 3813 Mt Baker Hwy, Everson, WA 98247. Phone: (360) 592-1317

Discussion about the Amethyst and Himalayan salt rooms at nearby Ferndale facility Flow Motion. Located in: Carnation Oxford Building

Address: 1920 Main St #19, Ferndale, WA 98248

Reminder of the upcoming Seattle Mineral Market show at Magnuson Park in Seattle: MAY 20 & 21, 2023
Hangar 30 Building @ Magnuson Park
7400 Sand Point Way NE, Seattle, WA 98115
SUNDAY 11:00AM-5:00PM

Happy 2.5 year anniversary to our shop in the mall!

8:03 pm – Meeting adjourned. See you all next month, Monday, May 15th at 7 pm

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