Board Meeting Minutes, November 4, 2019

The meeting was called to order at 6:30 pm by President Candi Gerard.  In attendance:  Deb and Wes Gannaway, Gordy Gerard, Bonnie Keel, Michael Langley, Todd Folsom, and Linda Mitchell.  The meeting was held at WECU in Ferndale.

Secretary’s Report:  The minutes were approved from last month as printed in the newsletter.

Treasurer’s Report:  Deb gave a report on the bills paid and the income received for the month of September.  IRS filings were paid.

Membership:  There were two renewals and three new members.

Federation:  No report.

Wagonmaster:  No report.

Library:  No report.

Washington State Mineral Council (WSMC):  The next field trip is scheduled for November 16 to Blanchard Mountain near Bellingham. 

Parks:  No report.

Lapidary Room Committee:  No report.

Education Committee:  No report.

2020 Show: 
•       The show is scheduled for March 28-29, 2020, at Bloedel Donovan.  Set up for the show will be March 27.  Donations of polished rock is needed for the kids spinning wheel.  Todd Folsom is working on the scholarship application along with Don Phillips. 
•       The 2020 Show will be held at Bloedel Donovan.  For the 2021 show, we are looking at changing the venue to the Pioneer Pavilion Community Center in Ferndale.  The club would be saving a considerable amount of money by changing the location.  The board has received comments about the change in location.  The comments are under review.  More information will be forthcoming.   

Old Business:  The Rockhound Rendezvous (RR) is scheduled for June 13, 2020.  It will be held at the Pioneer Pavilion Community Center in Ferndale.  The club is saving a considerable amount of money by changing the location.

New Business: 
•       November is the election of officers. 
•       The Christmas party is scheduled for December 16, 2019.  We will begin to set up at 6:30 pm and plan to eat at 7:00 pm.  Turkey and ham will be provided by the club.  It is a potluck, so please bring a dish and your own plates and eating utensils.  If you would like to participate, the gift exchange is limited to $10 and does not need to be rock related.  If you bring a gift, you will get a gift back.

The next Board Meeting will be on December 2, 2019, 6:30 pm, held at Deb’s house.  The WECU in Ferndale was unavailable to schedule.

Meeting adjourned at 7:44 pm — Respectfully submitted by Linda Mitchell