2020 January: Board Meeting Minutes

Board Meeting Minutes on January 6, 2020

Meeting called to order at 6:30pm.

Those in attendance:  Candi & Gordy Gerard; Wes & Deb Gannaway; Bonnie Keel; Michael Langley

Secretary’s Report:  Minutes of last meeting were in the bulletin – no additions or corrections

Treasurer’s Report:  Deb gave the report on bills paid and income received

Membership:  Wes reported one new member

Federation:  No report

Wagonmaster:  No report

Library:  No report

WSMC:  Dues were paid

Rock Pups:  No report

Parks:  No report

Lap Room Committee:  No report

Education Committee:  No report

Show:  Wes & Hardy Nettles checked out the Events Center and the Ferndale Community Center for future shows.
              Checked into possible table rentals.  Table skirting will be used around the display cases only.
              Discussion regarding flyers for kids.  Wes will check with Eric about the raffle tickets.  We need posters and flyers printed up now. 
              Deb will check into the cost of grab bags if we have enough polished rock.

Old Business:  75 critters were made, and we will have another critter making party before the show–date to be announced

New Business:  It was decided to put a “for sale” page on the web site (for members only).               
              A suggestion was made to have a rock identification station, a gem identification station, and a critter making station at the April meeting in lieu of ‘show & tell’.  Any comments?

Meeting adjourned at 7:30pm.

Respectfully submitted by Deb Gannaway

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