Minutes of February, 2020, board meeting

The meeting was called to order at 6:40pm.  In attendance: Wes & Deb Gannaway; Michael Langley; Ralph Sisco; Bonnie Keel

Secretary’s Report:  The minutes of the last meeting were approved as printed in the newsletter.

Treasurer’s Report:  Bills paid for the month of January: dues to NFMS for club members $135; receipt book $5.42; baggies for the spinning wheel $10.87; 1/2 page ad in the Leisure Guide for the show $205.00.  Income received:  dues $100; silent auction $11; show dealer deposit $360; mugs $28; one book $10.

Membership Report:  One new member.

Federation Report:  The annual Federation show will be held in April in Ogden, Utah.

Wagon Master:  No report.

Library:  No report.

WSMC:  There will be a fieldtrip to Beaver Quarry sometime this month – check website for details.

Lap Room Committee:  Wes and Candi are checking out a rumor of a possible location.

Education Committee:  No report.

2020 Show:  Wes has placed ads in a number of publications and will check for more.  Dick will bring the sign-up sheets to the next meeting (please make sure to volunteer for a time period of your choosing).  Show flyers have been sent to all local rock clubs.  We need more items for the hourly door prizes.  Wes will encourage all dealers to donate an item for the raffle prizes.  Wes will purchase LED lights to replace the old lights now being used in the cases.  It was moved and seconded to add a link to Kingsley North, Inc. on our web page because of their generosity in donating items for our show.  Wes will check with Todd about the scholarship applications.

Old Business:  The critter making party was cancelled due to health issues of the host.  New date has not yet been announced.

New Business:  From the Suggestion Box:  a request for seminars on the geology of the local area lasting not more than 15 minutes.  Great idea!

Meeting Adjourned:  8:00p.m.

Respectfully submitted by Deb Gannaway