Minutes of General Meeting, February, 2020

Acting Recording Secretary, Kay Carr, in the absence of Linda Mitchell

The meeting was called to order at 7 p.m. by Vice President Bonnie Keel. Bonnie welcomed all in attendance.

SECRETARY:  Last month’s minutes were approved as printed in the newsletter, and on the website. If you are not receiving the Club’s emails, please let me know. There are flyers on the front table of upcoming shows and rock sales.

TREASURER’S REPORT; $192.50 bill was paid for LED lights for display cases; $60 for flyers for rock show; $40 membership dues received.

FEDERATION; To be held second weekend of April in Salt Lake City, Utah

2020 SHOW: LED lights purchased for all display cases; Ads will be placed in local papers. Findings made available to members who can use them. There will be a potluck for workers Friday night. Flyers available on the website for download, printing and distribution.

OLD BUSINESS; Thursday Feb. 20, 11 a.m. at Nancy’s home, 711 Liberty (Lynden) for Critter making

NEW BUSINESS Applications for scholarship at WWU expected before the March board meeting.  Offer to use our website for selling rocks and rock related items. Contact Todd (see the website) with your info, phone number, email. $5 charge paid to Rock Cub per listing.

The goal is for Rock Club to move from Bellingham to Ferndale Community Center as of the April 1st meeting.

Our program was fluorescents on display.

Meeting adjourned.
Kay Carr