July 2020 Board Meeting

The meeting was called to order at 6:00 pm by President Candi Gerard in her yard at her
home. We did social distance ourselves. In attendance: Wes & Deb Gannaway, Michael
Langley, Ralph Sisco, Bonnie Keel, Gordy Gerard, Rick Barrett, Glenn Ishihara, and Linda
Secretary’s Report: The minutes of the last meeting were approved.
There were no committee reports.

We have found space for a lapidary room. The lapidary room will be in Bellis Fair Mall.
The location is Space 424 in the mall (the previous tenant was Chocolate Forte). There
are still a few issues to resolve but most of the needs required have been met. We are
also researching the monthly costs of doing business. After discussion, all board members
agreed to go forward to get the lapidary room started up again.
The key to make this work is to have members volunteer to help once the operation is
set up. We will have an area for members to sell their rock-related items and a lapidary
area. If we can get enough volunteers to help, this will work. We will need to
determine the hours and days of the week that we will be open.

The lapidary equipment will be set up in the back. There will be six complete stations.
The small saw will have a time limit and limit on number of pieces. The large saw will only be operated on specific days. All new members will need to take a Lapidary Class.
Members who have previously taken the class will need to take a safety and refresher
class. Sign up for a lapidary station will be done at the meetings and pre-payment made to
reserve your spot. No shows will forfeit pre-payment. We need to have enough help to
clean up the lapidary area when done using the equipment.

In the front portion, members can sell their rock-related items. Members must have a
business license. There will be a donation per square footage per month by the member
of space requested. Sales tax must be included in the price so that you can pay your own
taxes. It will be cash or check accepted only. If you have valuable pieces, you will be
allowed to bring in your own case that can be locked.

If you use the lapidary equipment and/or sell your rock-related items, it will be
mandatory for you to volunteer to help staff this location.

More information will be forthcoming on costs and open-ended issues.
Meeting adjourned at 7:20 pm
Respectfully submitted by Linda Mitchell