Board Meeting Minutes, January 3, 2022

Attendance:  Candi, Gordy, Bonnie, Ralph, Michael, Glen, Deb and Wes.  Called to order at 6:05pm.

Treasures Report:  Income and expenses were reported.

Membership: Continuing to add members thru the mall shop.

Federation and Mineral Council: Nothing at this time.

Show: Bonnie will reserve a U-Haul and will pick up Friday morning and keep till Sunday in order to make sure it is available. Has been a problem in the past when getting the correct size U-Haul on Sunday. Vendor space is full. Food Truck still needed and any suggestions appreciated. Wes and Bonnie will meet on Fridays as needed. Posters and flyers to be hopefully ready in time for next meeting, February at the latest.

Walt contacted Rock and Gem magazine.  A reporter contacted and interviewed Candi and Walt about the Mall space. Pictures sent and discussed the success. This article may help other clubs during this difficult time giving them ideas on how they may prosper.

Rock Rendezvous: Sharon and Michael need to know who is wanting to sell. $20 per 10ft space-must bring own table. Need 20 people to participate. Michael will be given a list of prior participants and notify them of the possibility of this going forward. 

Lap Room: 3 people signed up for this Thursday. Need volunteers to volunteer on Thursday nights in case Glen or Gordy not available. First Thursday in February, the Lap Room will be closed due to no member available to open room.

Silent Auction: Discussed and will start back with Silent auction at meetings. Bring something to donate. 

Mall Shop:  The mall store did well in sales prior to Christmas. Bulletin Board to be added for Club information. 

Meeting ended at 7:05pm.