Walker Valley

Field trip to Walker Valley quarry
rockhounding at Walker Valley
  • See Walker Val Site Map file below for a sketch map of collecting site
  • See Walker Val Examples file below to view minerals available
  • Walker Val Meet Map 2018 is a map used for the 2018 Mineral Council trip
  • Area map of the ORV park

A small seam of blue agate can be found by following the faint herd path to the right of the black bag in the photo below. The photo was taken by the gate near the entrance to the geode quarry. Walk uphill until you see the ledge in the next photo. There is not a lot of agate so only take what you can use in your collection. GPS coordinates for the ledge: N 48.3728, W -122.1631

ledge of blue agate
ledge with blue agate at Walker Valley
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