Scholarship for a Geology Student

Each year the Mount Baker Rock and Gem Club will award at least one $1,000 scholarship to a qualified student pursuing a degree in geology or an earth science education-related field. The scholarship will be announced/presented at the club’s annual Rock and Gem Show in March. The application must be postmarked by February 15. (Unusual events, like a pandemic, may cause suspension of the scholarship. In that case, this page will be updated.)

  • Applicants must be active students attending Western Washington University and who have reached their junior year, i.e. are in their third year of study.
  • Applicants must have declared a major in earth science.
  • Applicants must read and follow the application process in the PDF available below.

Privacy Notice: Application materials will only be seen by the club’s Board of Directors during deliberations in March. All materials will be destroyed after a winner has been selected. By requiring paper applications instead of email we can better insure privacy.

Scholarship Recipients

2000L. Clement
2001S. Hansea
2002J. Dearborn
2003N. Bowerman
2004G. Taylor
2005B. Cooper
2006J. Fernandes
2007M. Lee
2008K. Albin
S. Polster
2009J. Filer
M. Trautman
2010L. Duncan
2011S. Schanz
2012S. Sorsby
2013L. Boam
2014M. Acosta
R. Cayen
2015K. Newman
2016L. Nichols
2017A. Hudak
2018K. Brower
2019no applicants
2020A. Eng
2021COVID interruption
2022E. Calvert
I. Ramsell
2023M. Cook
S. Halstead
A. Newsome
2024O. Ernst
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