Maury Mountain Agate Bed

Spring, 2021: This agate bed is in the high desert sagebrush southwest of Prineville, Oregon. Once you leave the paved road, the gravel road winds up past ranch property and is quite corduroyed. Eventually you cross into the Ochoco National Forest and the road surface is smoother. The road was passable for passenger cars, but high campers or vans might find some tree limbs to be too low.

Once at the dig site we looked in vain for agate. There was not even any float around so this site is quite picked over. We dug in further at some spots where others had recently dug around tree roots, but found nothing of interest. If there are any agates left, I suspect you would have to follow a rough track downhill from the right side of the parking area and explore. There were some very large areas dug up down there, but again, nothing of interest on the surface.

It was a long drive through interesting country but a little reward would have been nice.