July Board Meeting Minutes

7/01/24 MBRGC Board Meeting

In attendance: Gordy, Candi, Ralph, Michael L, Bonnie, Bruce, Mike M, Trevor, Wes, Todd

Meeting called to order by president Candi Gerard.

Secretary Report: Katie from Sumas was very excited and grateful for our donations. Follow-up: I forwarded photos she provided to Todd. As of 7/02, new memberships have been processed.

Treasurer’s Report: $2775 expenses, $1990 deposit made, latest deposit of $900+ made in July. 3-months rent paid for the mall space.

Federation (Mike): Nothing to report, although a club member, Ken Fleming is interested in selling the club 295# (270 pieces) of thunder eggs for $2/ lb. $600 total. They look to be from Richardson Ranch and/or Lucky Strike mine. A motion was made, voted, and passed. A check was cut for Ken in the amount of $600. We discussed the ability to cut the eggs onsite at the pavilion. If not, we will direct them to the mall to have stones cut.

A change is being made to our club flier/ application – the info on the back of the removable app will be inserted into the flyer to use less paper.

Field Trips: no feedback received about latest trip from Verlot with Daniel D. 

Upcoming: 7/20 – Sweetwater for Travertine. Find out more HERE

Mineral Council: No news

Lapidary: large trim saw overheated multiple times last week; needs a new blade.

2025 Show: Tracy is co-chair, but we will need another co-chair for show. We discussed getting new table skirts, in a uniform color for next show. Green, Blue, black? Committee sign-ups are coming for the next show. We discussed the success of color coding / balloons at each station for next year. We would also like to update the scholarship poster to something more current, with Candi presenting a check.

Old Settlers: coming up fast, people are signing up to volunteer- thank you! We discussed show cases, tables, thunder eggs, books, etc. 

Set up will occur Thursday, 7/25 at 1 pm at the Pioneer Pavilion

This event occurs Friday and Saturday, 7/26 & 7/27. 

RRR: 32/40 spaces booked, 8 spots remain for $20/ spot, bring your own table to sell your rocks and rock-related wares.

We discussed publicity on Cascadia Daily – which is still in print, and they published our last show. Whatcom news, an electronic only media outlet will have a link. 

A proposal was made to give Trevor a budget of $200 to market the event online in the metaverse. Voted, passed. 

August Picnic: next meeting, we will have a show of hands for who wants a hotdog. Chicken, dogs, water will be provided.

Liberty Mutual insurance has been renewed. We had a discussion about “members only” at field trips due to liability policy.

Side note: a member asked to have a donation jar inside the mall store to help finance a cab machine. This was discussed, and was unfortunately declined due to possible  conflict of interest. All members are welcome to have a table at the RRR to promote their own business.

Meeting adjourned at 7 pm.

Minutes submitted by Trevor Duncan, club secretary

June General Meeting Minutes

6/17/24 MBR&GC General Meeting

Pioneer Pavilion, Ferndale, WA 
7:06 pm: Meeting called to order by club President Candi Gerard

Raffle/ silent auction announcement. Congrats to members Devon (welcome!), Bruce Hurley, and Gale & Luca for being raffle winners.

Secretary Report: upcoming rock sale in 8/2-8/3 – flyers available at the mall. Katie from the Sumas Museum gratefully accepted our donation of goodies for kid bricks, and will tell everyone about our next booth at Old Settlers Days.

Mail from our insurance company – has been placed in safe at mall for Ralph to collect.

Treasurer’s Report: May was a great month! We made a healthy deposit into our bank account. Keep up the great work.

Field Trips: 

7/20 – Sweetwater for Travertine @ Gold Hill

8/24 – Marysville club trip to Lake Wenatchee for Garnets

RRR: 8 spots left @ $20/ 10 x 10′ space. Members must supply their own tables for this event on 9/14/24. 9am – 5pm, sell your rocks, and rock-related items.

Federation: nothing to report

Lapidary: All is well, new machines are really getting used, thank you everyone.

2025 Show: we have a co-chair person, but need more volunteers to head committees to help our next show be a success.

Annual Picnic: 8/4/24 (Sunday) – this is a family/ kid-friendly event. The club will supply water, hot dogs, chicken – please bring a side dish for the potluck style picnic. BYOB. Meet at the Gerard’s at 10 am to tail gate (Sell rocks out of your car), and help organize the club’s buckets in prep for our next show.

Lunch will be at 1 pm. Address: 1371 Paradise Rd, Ferndale, WA, 98248

Old Settlers Days: Thursday, July 25th, we need help setting up our information booth. Then Friday and Saturday 7/26 & 7/27, we need volunteers to man the booth. The club will sell books, etc. We recommend coming early to find parking, otherwise plan on a short hike to the Pavilion.

After a brief break, we enjoyed a show and tell of WA minerals. Thank you to John Lindell for sharing your rare finds with us!

July show n tell: Free-for-all, bring whatever rock / specimen you care to share.

minutes submitted by Trevor Duncan, club secretary.

Rockhound Sale 2.0, and Field Trip 6/22

Hello ‘Hounds,

I have a message from our President, Candi Gerard:

We will be making another trip to the Rockhound Sale in North Whatcom County on Saturday, June 22nd at 10 am.  Please RSVP to Candi at 360-366-0121, as the number of attendees is limited.

For those who RSVP, meet at the Gerard’s (1371 Paradise Rd, Ferndale, WA 98248) on Saturday at 10 am to carpool/ convoy to the location.


Daniel Doering is leading another field trip the same day, this Saturday, June 22nd on Bailey Trail to source Rainbow Chert. To participate, meet at the Verlot ranger station at 9 am to convoy to the dig (~90 minute commute.)

Bring a chisel, small crowbar, crack hammer, rock hammer. Gloves, buckets, eye protection, etc.

(If anyone has a large sledge hammer, that would be useful as well.)

This is hard rock mining, but there is a lot of material to collect just off the road as well, so all skill levels are welcome to attend!

For more information, contact Daniel directly at: 360-319-4722


Trevor Duncan

club secretary

June Board Meeting Minutes

6/3/24 MBR&GC Board Meeting – Portal Way Clubhouse

Attending: Gordy, Mike M. Ralph, Wes, Deb, Candi, Bonnie, Trevor, Bruce, Michael L.

Meeting called to order at 6:02 pm by President Candi Gerard

Federation: Mike M will check with Pioneer Pavilion regarding the issue with the “projector not found” error message. 

Summary of printed pages for toner cartridge:

150 (600) RRR 1/4 page fliers

840 pages 2024 Show

100 welcome letters

900 applications double sided tri-fold

200 pages for 2024 RRR

~3400 pages / cartridge

Mike M will not be present at July or August meetings.

Lap Room: Rubber mats were confirmed for comfort, not functional, so it’s okay to trim them. Discussed tripping hazard. No changes made so far. Rubber gasket over glass on small oil saw is warped – Gordy and Trevor will look into an adjustment or replacement.

Mineral Council:

6/15 – Saddle Mt. (Marysville club) field trip

7/20 – Sweetwater for Travertine. 

More info HERE:https://mineralcouncil.wordpress.com/wp-content/uploads/2024/03/2024-field-trips.pdf

Reminder, there is a rockhound sale happening on Saturday, 6/15, If you want to come shop, meet at the Gerard’s at 10 am to caravan/ carpool.

Treasurer’s Report: Healthy income in May at the mall, 11 new memberships (65 new to date). Revenue from lap room, classes, RRR. Still working with COF (City of Ferndale) to secure Pavilion space for the last weekend of March in 2025 for the show. Ralph will be on vacation on 6/13, will not do a payout for a week, will catch up the following week. He will also miss the June general meeting.

Mall Report: 2 year lease signed with same rent, but small $50 increase for garbage service. 

  • rented “as-is” (hot water tank)
  • can lights getting hot – in talks with PSE for an upgrade
  • clause about no jeans, t-shirts, or flip flops (not being enforced)
  • Mondays – clause about $50/ hr fee for not being open during mall hours – assured this will not affect us

The next Wire Wrapping class with Bruce Wickler is on Monday, June 24th. There are spots open, come to the mall to sign up and pay $22 fee.

Old Settlers Days: we still need a few volunteers to pull it off. We need help setting up on Thursday 7/25, manning the table Friday and Saturday 7/26 & 7/27. This is a great way to support the club and give us a face in the community.

Vending Opportunities:

Jam on the River – Saturday, July 13th in Ferndale at Riverfront park. For more info, contact Heather Sheirill: director@ferndale-chamber.com.

Friday, 8/2 and Saturday 8/3 – Ferndale Block Party. Contact Ali Hawkins: ferndaleblockparty@gmail.com

RRR: We can set up on Friday, September 13th between 3-6pm, no overnight security. The Rock Rendezvous 2024 is scheduled for Saturday, September 14th. Members can pay for space(s) at the Club meeting (June 17th) or at the Mall Club Store. The cost is $20 space with a maximum of 2 spaces.

30 of the 40 spaces have been taken, so sign up if interested. 10 spots remaining.

Todd is updating the website with correct info for the 2024 show. 

June theme for show ‘n’ tell: Washington stones. If anyone has any specimens we can use for display during Old Settlers Days in July, please get in touch with the board to arrange.

Outstanding: Sedro Woolley club, whom are club members have requested to borrow tables for use during their show. After much discussion, a motion was made to collect a $200 damage deposit for tables, which will be refunded upon return of tables in the condition they were borrowed in. This is a one-time courtesy/ goodwill gesture. Voted, passed. 

<Discussion and agreement to continue having board meetings in the Portal Way Clubhouse.>

Meeting adjourned.

Minutes submitted by Trevor Duncan, club secretary

May General Meeting Minutes

MBR&GC General Meeting, May 20, 2024

Pioneer Pavilion Community Center, Ferndale, WA Meeting called to order at 7 pm by club President, Candi Gerard

Door prizes: congrats to guest Gayle, members Tawnya, and Trevor

Secretary Report: Katie Montague with Sumas Museum asking for help with kids dig kits – a few people stated they would help with donated items, etc for the kit. I (Trevor) will follow-up with Katie to determine how many they’d like, etc.

Field Trip News: Recent Mineral Council Racehorse Creek trip was successful with 20+ people attending. Fossils were located! Another trip to Swift Creek attracted 12 people who traversed the rough road to procure blue agates and geodes. Next dig is 6/15/24: Saddle Mountain, followed by 7/20 in Darrington. Find more information HERE:


Upcoming local trips:

  • Rainbow Chert in Verlot, roadside, kid & family friendly. 
  • Cherry Creek – per wood w/ Pyrite included, cherry creek jasper (red, yellow, some w/ agate)
  • Saddle Mt? high temps, trip will be closer to fall. Overnight/ camping, possibly two separate locations. Family-friendly.
  • UV night trip – later in the year, when night time happens sooner. Stay tuned for more info!

RRR: ***DATE HAS MOVED**** Saturday, September 14, 2024. 1-day event, 9am – 5pm. 

  • Access to set up Friday 9/13, from 3-6pm.
  • Must be a club member to sign up as a vendor – can sell anything mineral, rock, rock-related (tools, jewelry, etc)
  • $20/ 10′ x 10′ spot, maximum of two spots per member (40 spots total available)
  • sign up at mall – must pay applicable fee at the time of sign-up
  • open to the public for shopping, so feel free to promote to help drive exposure/ traffic. 
  • long-standing 20-year tradition for the club

Store Report: Excellent news – the mall has presented a new 2-year lease. Candi and Ralph will review before signing. All else is going well, club revenue has been increasing due to more interest in lap night with new machines. Tumbling classes and wire-wrapping classes open to anyone, must be a member to use lap facilities.

Old Settlers Days: coming up in July, we have access to 1/2 the Pavilion building to promote the club during the event. Set up Friday, 7/25/24. Event 7/26 & 7/27. This will be a great way to introduce our club to the public. Volunteers will be needed to answer questions, etc. Please contact Candi Gerard at 360-366-0121 if you would like to volunteer.

BIG SALE happening on Saturday, June 15th – meet up at Candi and Gordy’s (1371 Paradise Rd, Ferndale, WA, 98248) at 10am to carpool to the location. Cabs, slabs, equipment, 6-wheel grinder, etc.

After a brief break, we enjoyed a show and tell of everyone’s second favorite rock. June theme: Washington Minerals.

Minutes submitted by Trevor Duncan, club secretary

May 2024 Board Meeting Minutes

Portal Creek Clubhouse, Ferndale, WA

Attending: Mike, Gordy, Candi, Bonnie, We, Michael, Ralph, Trevor, Todd, Bruce

Meeting called to order at 6 pm by President Candi Gerard.

Secretary Report: 3 upcoming rock shows, fliers will be available at the next meeting, then the mall

Treasurer’s Report: Positive bank account deposit for April, great job!

Federation Report: last newsletter indicated a geocaching trip has been scheduled. Mike will make a pitch to update the NFMS website. 

For those who join later in the year and do not receive the newsletter on time, an accurate directory on the website would be helpful. 

Field Trips: 12 ppl went on the Swift Creek dig (Thanks Daniel, for coordinating!) 5 cars carpooled up the ~15 mile service road, followed by ~ 1 mile hike toward the hot springs. Blue agates and other specimens were procured.

Mineral Council: upcoming field trips:

05/18 – Bailey Trail for chert
06/15 – SAddle Mtn for petrified wood
07/20 – Sweetwater for travertine
08/17 & 18 – Greenwater for agate, jasper, and opal
08/24 – Lake Wenatchee for garnets
For more information, go HERE

State Mineral Council trips – any Washington state resident can attend.

<discussion about safety, guidelines, and possible walkie-talkie purchase>

Lapidary Report: Everything is going well, attendance is up. Tubing could use reinforcement on new machines, ventilator needs a new filter, 

Richardson polisher needs a new switch. Late arrivals/no shows: In case of a NCNS, $10 fee will be forfeited. Arrivals after 7:30 PM, may be turned away.

Tracy has stepped up as co-chair for the show (Thank you, Tracy!), but we need an official SHOW CHAIRPERSON – please contact the board if you would like to volunteer. Bonnie will be in charge of the microphone and announcements at the 2025 show.

Mall Report: visit from mall management, discussion about lease renewal. No mention of a $$ increase, being offered a 2-year lease. 

The Board voted, and unanimously approved the renewal if the terms (rent) stay the same. Will need to revisit if changes are proposed.

Old Settlers Picnic in July, 7/26-7/28, we have been offered the use of 1/2 of the Pioneer Pavilion (kitchen side) for $100. We can use the space how we choose, on Friday and Saturday. It was voted, and approved that we will have educational displays and club info only, no vendor/sales.

RRR 2024: Date has changed to Saturday, September 14th, due to conflict with Pavilion. More details to come, though members can signup for their table(s) with a 2-table maximum for $20/ space. Sign up at the mall, and payment must be made at the time of booking, no spaces will be reserved without payment.

2024 Picnic will be on Saturday, August 4th. More details to come.

May Show and Tell: “second favorite rock.” Monday, May 20, 2024 @ 7 pm. 2007 Cherry St, Ferndale, WA (Pioneer Pavilion Community Center.)

Minutes submitted by Trevor Duncan, club secretary

Field Trip, Saturday, May 4th

Daniel Doering is taking folks out for another field trip to Swift Creek on Saturday, May 4th.

If you’d like to join, meet at the Concrete Grocery Store at 9 am. 

Road conditions: 4×4 recommended, will need a vehicle with high clearance due to 6-8″ deep potholes.

Bring a backpack and some water, but tools are not necessary. Any questions or concerns, contact Daniel ahead of time, at 360-319-4722. (There is no service near the actual site. )

Field Trip Opportunity – Saturday, March 16th


Meet at North end of Duvall on Hwy 203, West side, across from NE Cherry Valley Rd. before 9 am. From there it is a 10 mile trip. Last 5 miles , dirt. 2 miles serious pot holes. Most cars are O K with care. Collecting in ck you only need a rock hammer and something to carry your rocks in. Wading in creek at least knee boots. You can go upstream to the source. There you will need 3# hammer, small pick, chisel, small shovel & small pry bar.
We will be parking just over bridge at a small water falls. Best collecting for small kids, between falls & bridge. To go upstream it is overgrown brush. Go to right 50 yards, then in to trees to ck. If beavers have flooded ck, go to hillside and upstream on left till you get above Pond. If you want to get to source, continue to where it levels up at lake delta. Just as it levels look on right side for a tiny creek. Ck will disappear under bush for a ways. When it is exposed again continue up. And maybe dig a little. Keep going up to waterfall. You have reached the source. We have taken many 100’s of # there. I have never went further.
Just fore the record, from where we park, 3 miles downstream is a big beautiful waterfalls. Because of the gates and a turnoff to falls, it’s a long walk or bike ride. I am going to research a new route on my map program, from Highrock. Check in with me later for details’. You will find lots of carbonized black wood. It won’t take a high gloss, but in the cracks and worm holes it has Marcasite filling. Makes good cabs of semi-gloss back with shiny golden metallic patterns.

Ed Lehman Home (425) 334–6282 on trips (425) 760-2786 or wsmced2@outlook.com

Work Party Saturday, 3/2/24 @ 11 am

On Saturday, March 2nd at 11 am, there is a work party at the Gerard’s to help clear and organize the conex for the day of the big show. 1371 Paradise Rd, Ferndale.

Directions: Take exit 262 off I-5. At the McDonalds turn north on Barrett and follow the road to Candi’s Jewelry Gallery on the right. About 1-11/2 miles from McDonalds.

February Board Meeting Minutes

2/5/24 MBRGC Board Meeting – Portal Way Clubhouse

In attendance: Bruce, Gordy, Wes, Deb, Mike M., Candi, Todd, Michael L, Ralph, Bonnie, Trevor

Meeting called to order at 6 pm PST

Secretary Report: Lap Room needs some help, middle trim saw needs a blade. Out of 1000 grit belts? Fishy email about a job opening – determined to be spam.

Treasurer: Income from dues, lap room, classes, club sales. Outgoing: NFMS/AMFS dues, books, club/mall supplies, totes for storage container. Reviewed where to find historical transactional data.

Federation: site has been updated for mineral council with our current contact info. (web master is not on leadership team, so there is a disconnect.) 2024 Show in Hermiston, OR, does not offer a lot aside from meetings, awards.

Mineral Council: Michael reports a good turn out for the Walker Valley field trip, though it was announced to us last-minute. Site has not yet been updated with full details, but the following have been mentioned as field trips throughout the year:

March – Cherry Creek (Jasper)

April – Saddle Mt. (Verlot)

May – ??

June – Saddle Mt.

July – Sweetwater (Travertine)

August – Lake Wenatchee (Garnets)

Sept – Red Top

Oct – Darrington/ Index (picture jasper)

Nov – Alger Mt. (stilpnomelane aka Dalmatian stone)

Check back HERE for updates: https://mineralcouncil.wordpress.com/

Sandee Hess will offer beach trips, and another member has mentioned they may be able to lead a field trip. Does anybody else want to lead a field trip? We are offering a $50 stipend to anyone leading a trip.

Lapidary Report: cabbing machines have been price checked, Maple Tree option was from China and unclear as to metric/standard measurements. Too much plastic, so a vote passed to go with the quoted purchase price of $5800 for 3 new 6-wheel, 8″ cabbing machines. 

4x old arbors will be silently auctioned at the February 19, 2024 meeting. The bids will be sealed to avoid looming over other bidders. Starting bid will be $225/unit 1-4. Please feel free to come by the mall shop between now and the 2/19 meeting to preview the machines and place your bid. In the case of a tie, a second silent bid will be placed to determine the winners.

Mall Report: Retail is slow. Bonnie suggested that we move things on the club shelf and/or refresh the stock from the buckets at the Gerard’s. 

Show Report: a 26′ U-haul has been reserved, to be picked up Thursday evening. Chris/Tracy will volunteer at the club table. Chad Fox has been proposed as overnight security. New clip boards with volunteer roles will be circulated at the February meeting. 8 display cases have been reserved, and it was decided to use 2 more to display historical club photos. Grants burgers has been secured for our food truck option at the show. Old vests will be available to be donned by volunteers at the show.

An inquiry was raised about purchase orders vs. payments in advance/ reimbursement to club members for club expenses. Apparently this is not an option.

Cascade Radio Group – Victor Gotelaere was going to come talk to us about advertising opportunities, but was missing in action.

Scholarships: flyers were hung @ WWU in January, the admin was reminded about the deadline of 2/15/24 to apply.

Name Tags: Bonnie ordered 100 more card holders, but we will need more inserts. Mike M. will print on the new laser printer (club provides the paper and toner.)

Web Hosting: our web host, Network Solutions has offered that we can purchase the .com version of our site, but it was discussed, and deemed unnecessary, as we had a total of 206 views last year.

Meeting adjourned at 7:15 pm

Minutes submitted by Trevor Duncan, club secretary

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