3/20/23 General Meeting Minutes, Volunteeer info

7:05 PM – Meeting called to order by President Candi Gerard at the Ferndale Pioneer Community Building. 

       Door Prizes: Congrats Kevin and Sandee!

Secretary Report (Trevor): Upcoming local mineral shows (fliers available at our gem show.) Tracfone has been secured for the mall store. Our new number is 564-565-0840; please use sparingly and continue to contact each member on their personal mobile phone when possible. 

Treasurer Report (Deb): Incoming – dues, lap room, vendor fees, donations, club sales. Expenses: supplies, receipt books. Savings are looking good, but will decrease after the show.

Membership (Wes): 2 new members this month

Federation Report (Michael): NW Federation show in Billings, MT 8/3-8/6. Ed has stepped down from hosting field trips, but there was mention of events in April. 4/15 & 16 opalized wood, late May Rainbow Chert in Verlot, WA. June, Saddle Mountain, July Darrington. Check Federation website HERE for details

Lapidary Room (Gordy): Busy! Cleaning party will be coming soon. 

SHOW news (Wes): Friday 3/24, meet at Gerard’s in Ferndale by 9 am to load materials and equipment. Pull up behind Pioneer Pavilion to unload, get vehicles out of the way for dealers. Bellingham wedding company bringing 30 tables. Volunteers to set up cases, table skirts, etc. Pizza feed thanks to Westside Pizza for volunteers. Security has been rented to provide overnight services. Saturday, 10-6 show. Sunday 10-5 with 4 pm raffle drawing + 2/3 scholarship recipients will accept their check. 5 pm, breakdown and loading out. Thanks in advance to all of our amazing volunteers! Grants Burgers will be our food truck vendor at the show, please support them!

President Report (Candi): We still have openings for door greeters (say hello, hand out door tickets and free rocks to kids,) Club Sales: busy Saturday morning, weighing material sold for the club, taking money and making change. Raffle Tickets: $1 each, write name and phone number on the back to win if not present. A $100 bill is the top prize! Drawing occurs at 4 pm Sunday. Silent Auction: for kids and adults, run the timer and call the bids. Lots of fun. Spinning Wheel station: $.50/ spin, geared toward kids but anyone can play. Prizes include critters, grab bags. Sunday after the show: We really need help with tear down and loading out. Everyone will be tired, but this is a necessary part of the process. 

***Volunteers – we recommend a good pair of gloves to avoid splinters while moving display cases, etc. Water will be provided by the club. 

Thank you Roy and Michael for your help with the Fluorescent mineral show in the kitchen! 

Next Intro to Lap Room class will be Tuesday, 4/18. $30, pay in advance to secure your spot. Sign up at the mall. 

April 17th, next general meeting. Theme: Favorite acquisition from the show.

For members wishing to present or do a demonstration at a meeting, contact Bonnie Keel. She is our speaking coordinator, thanks Bonnie!

There was a brief break for cookies, then show and tell. 

ADVERTISEMENT – Upcoming Event/ Vending Opportunity

Rock ‘n’ Wellness Fair

Saturday, May 6th 10am – 6pm

Rocks, Crystals, Minerals, Healing Services, Raffle, Bake Sale

Unity of Bellingham, 1095 Telegraph Rd. Bellingham, WA 98228

Club Web Address:  www.mtbakerrockclub.org

Visit us on Facebook:   https://www.facebook.com/groups/mtbakerrockclub

For Questions, Club Email:  admin@mtbakerrockclub.org


Club Retail Store, Bellis Fair Mall, Space 424 (JC Penny’s Wing)

Hours:  Closed Mondays, Tuesday-Saturday 11 am to 7, Sunday Noon to 6 pm


Minutes submitted by Trevor Duncan

3/6/23 Board Meeting Minutes

6 pm – Meeting was called to order by President Candi Gerard at the Portal Way Clubhouse.

Secretary Report (Trevor): Upcoming Seattle Mineral Market, flyers sent to mall

Treasurer Report (Deb): < $100 purchase for a fire extinguisher at mall. We need to update our address with insurance provider to reflect 1 Bellis Fair Pkwy as opposed to “Bellis Fair.”

Membership (Wes): 2 recent renewals

Federation (Michael): 3/18 Proposed field trip near Hood Canal, don’t have details

Lapidary (Gordy): The lap room has been filled up recently with 4 occupants on Thursdays, should we overflow to another weeknight? (Next intro class is in April.)

SHOW (Wes): Security with Fire Dept. fell thru – already booked. Bonnie suggests local Eagle Scout troop for the overnight Friday and Saturday. She will follow up. 21 display cases to be filled, will have to get creative with placement. Club members can drop by the mall to sign up for various volunteer tasks during the show.

We have enough trucks for transporting material to/from the show, thank you!

Vending space all filled up, full fee due by the weekend of the show

President Report (Candi): Grants burgers will be the food vendor for our show.  Should we do another summer picnic in August? Rock exchange with Tulip City put on back burner until after show. 

We were featured on Whatcom Talks website – great article about the club: HERE

Scholarships (Todd): 3 eligible applicants; motion by Deb to award all three $1000 was put to a vote. The vote passed unanimously with all in favor. (Trevor will follow up with a congratulatory letter to recipients.) Traditionally, they accept funds at  ~4 pm Sunday at the show.

Cascade Daily – Todd sent a flyer about the show. He also has cones/signs for the parking lot Friday 3/24.

Bonnie mentioned critters & painted rocks for the show, we anticipate about 200 to hand out.

Ralph will confirm with Westside Pizza about the food for volunteers Friday. Bellis Fair mall will be closed Easter Sunday 4/09 – do we want to participate in a mall-wide egg hunt Saturday the 8th? He will clarify about the eggs. Diligence requested of mall volunteers due to broken/missing items.

General: interested folks want to share knapping, faceting, Tourmaline, Tucson Gem show presentations/demonstrations at upcoming meetings. We can discuss more about the schedule after the show.

7:15 Meeting adjourned. Notes submitted by Trevor Duncan.

2/20/23 General Meeting Minutes

7:06pm: Meeting called to order by President Candi Gerard at 2007 Cherry St. Ferndale, WA 98248

*Raffle* guest Joe, and member Violet won. Congratulations!

Presidents Report: Shared articles about lab created diamond terminology. Glenn from Hawaii sent a copy of their mineral society newsletter. Next month’s (March) meeting will be centered around the gem show, no show and tell. Club books for sale on the side tables, please check out with Deb.

Secretary Report: Tulip City, MI wants to do a rock/mineral exchange. By filling up a large flat rate box and sending through the mail. Flyers available for 3 upcoming nearby gem shows.

Treasurers Report: Incoming – dues, club sales, donations. Outgoing – grit, belts, nametags, saw oil, NFMS dues, show fliers, books for store, business cards, table rentals, postage to FL. Savings are looking good.

Membership: 2 new members in February; welcome to new members who joined at tonight’s meeting. 

Show updates: will need help to load/unload UHAUL on Friday 3/24 at Candi & Gordy’s house. Please sign up if you’d like to utilize a display case. Still looking into food truck options. For those with access to a pick-up truck, please check in with Wes about transporting rocks to & from the show. Volunteers are what make the show possible, thank you in advance to all who plan to help with door prizes, spinning wheel, greeters, club sales, etc. Wes has a map for the vendors, spaces will be marked with tape the day of set up.

Federation / Mineral Council: NW Mineralogical Society currently has 67 active clubs in AK, WA, ID, MT, OR. *UT. Big show in Billings, MT 8/3-8/6. Talk of a 2024 show in Hermiston, OR but dates not yet announced. Did anyone go on the S. Skagit field trip with Ed on 2/18? Next proposed excursion is for March 18th at Beaver Valley, near Port Ludlow, WA for Calcite, Copper, Pyrite.

Chad informed us about the WPMA Gold & Mineral show – this was their best year yet, expanding beyond “just” gold into gems, minerals. The Everett show is upcoming at the Monroe Fairgrounds. The WPMA includes WA, OR, ID, MT. Cost of membership is $65 first year, $50 annual renewal. Membership provides access to multiple Carl Carlson Ellensburg Blue claims.

Todd shared a new page on our website about volunteering for the show. It can be viewed HERE

Important items the club needs help with for our show:

#1 Display cases – pick a theme, label items in big letters for legibility. 

#2 Critters & Painted rocks – we need more before the show

#3 Loading the truck at the Gerard’s Friday morning, unloading at the venue

#4 Greeters to hand out rocks, help with door prizes, ticket sales, collect donations, etc.

     Spinning wheel $.50-$1/spin, club sales (cash handling, weighing product)

Sunday night we will all be tired, but still need help packing up and loading club property back to the Gerard’s

Break-out for snacks.

Big shout out to Walt Hekala for donating a plethora of items for door prizes at the show. You ROCK Walt! Thank you also for your presentation about Trapiche amethyst.

A few members shared rocks & hand cut gems at show and tell, then the meeting was adjourned.

Club Web Address:  www.mtbakerrockclub.org
Visit us on Facebook:   https://www.facebook.com/groups/mtbakerrockclub
For Questions, Club Email:  admin@mtbakerrockclub.org
Club Retail Store, Bellis Fair Mall, Space 424 (JC Penny’s Wing)
Hours:  Closed Mondays, Tuesday-Saturday 11 am to 7 pm, Sunday Noon to 6 pm

Minutes submitted by Trevor Duncan, club secretary

12/19 General Meeting Minutes

7:00 pm – Ferndale Pioneer Pavilion. Meeting called to order by president Candi Gerard. Approximately 20-25 members in attendance, we enjoyed a successful potluck.

7:42 pm – new board members sworn in

7:55 pm – gift exchange

8:00 pm – meeting adjourned, cleaned up and appreciate the leftovers.

Thank you to all who were able to attend. Looking forward to seeing you again in the new year.

Minutes submitted by Trevor Duncan

Other Club Information:
Club Web Address:  www.mtbakerrockclub.org
Visit us on Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/groups/mtbakerrockclub
For Questions, Club Email:  admin@mtbakerrockclub.org

Club Retail Store, Bellis Fair Mall, Space 424 (JC Penny’s Wing) Hours:
Closed Mondays, Tuesday-Saturday 11 am to 7, Sunday Noon to 6 pm

12/19 Holiday Meeting

The next general meeting is Monday, December 19, 2022, 7:00 pm, at the Pioneer Pavilion Community Center, 2007 Cherry St, Ferndale.  This is our holiday meeting, including the potluck & gift exchange. Bring a dish, and a <= $10 gift (if you’d like to open one.)

****update*** the club will provide paper plates, cups, napkins, and cutlery

Wear what you are comfortable in, and we look forward to seeing you!

12/5/22 Board Meeting Minutes

6:13 pm Meeting called to order by President Candi Gerard at Portal Creek Park Clubhouse.  Attending: Candi, Deb, Wes, Dick, Gordy, Ralph, Sharon, Michael, Todd, Bonnie, Trevor

Secretary Report (Trevor): emails to respond to, will forward appropriately. (up to date as of 12/6)

Treasurer Report (Deb): Grit was purchased, price of step 1 and 2 adjusted (+$1) to $4 to compensate for price increase to club. P.O. Box renewal occurs this month.

Membership Report (Wes): 14 new families in November, 3 new this week. ~ 100 non-renewing families in October, will remind members at the 12/19 meeting. Distribution lists will be updated accordingly in 2023.

Federation / Mineral Council Report (Michael): Big show dates confirmed – 8/3-8/6 in Billings, MT.

Lapidary Committee (Gordy): Struggling to find low cost oil, either mineral or bio diesel varieties. ~ $24/ gallon, need 1.5-3 gallons per saw for lap room. Discussed swapping 1000 grit belts for 800 which was discussed; club prefers to have 1000 grit available as they are the same cost as 800. Treasurer approved proceeding with purchase of oil + belts.

Education (Todd): Sent email to WWU admin RE: scholarship/show. Received a link to check weekend availability for a potential rainy day field trip in January. A new page has been added to the club website with store info and pics. (http://mtbakerrockclub.org/?page_id=887)  Small discussion about a separate FB/ email account for the mall store. Trevor is willing to assist with a FB page.

Show Updates (Wes): Table rentals are $10/day or ($30/ table). Discussion about tables and storage. Can move 4’ x 8’ tables from storage to accommodate more 2’ x 8’ tables.  We also need to print many more ¼ page flyers for the show, which will be placed in the store in Jan.

Store Updates (Ralph): Multiple weeks with $2000+ in revenue, every vendor has successfully made a sale in the last month. Gift Certificate sales are up; would be useful to train all vendors on G.C. procedures.

Holiday Meeting 12/19 & Potluck discussion. Reminders: gift exchange requires that each person participating brings a gift. Sharon offers to handle the gift table and “ticket” system. Ralph will bring a cooked Ham. New board will be installed at the meeting.

Old Business: Hold harmless waiver for lap room – Candi presented draft ideas. Each person taking the class would sign the form to be kept on file in the mall. 

Badges; quoted at $1.67/each for 50 with magnet, $.36/each with pin.

New Business: Discussed possibility/ need for a dedicated store phone to field incoming inquiries. Interest in T-shirts, discussed pre-order/ gauge interest before placing order. Trevor will research phone cost/ options.

7:07 pm Meeting Adjourned

Reminder: 12/19 Potluck & Gift Exchange

Friendly reminder that our December meeting on the third Monday (12/19) is also the holiday potluck. It is an expectation that everyone attending will contribute to the potluck to make it a success. Please plan to bring a dish. (Check your email for a list of item people have already signed up for.)

Suggest items:

Protein/ Main Dish:



Side Dishes:

 Mashed Potatoes


Please also be aware that beverages, cups, plates, and silverware are “BYO” – Bring your own.

Finally, there will be a gift exchange. To participate, bring a wrapped gift in the $10 or less price range. Participation is optional.

Looking forward to seeing everyone there!

11/21/22 General Meeting Minutes

November 21, 2022 Mt. Baker Rock & Gem Club general meeting minutes and potluck info/sign-up.

7:04 PM – meeting called to order by club President Candi Gerard.

Secretary Report: Minutes from 11/07 Board Meeting approved

Treasurer Report: Deb went over income and expenses for flyers, rubber stamp, rent, website, books, mileage, tumblers, and Halloween candy.

Membership: 7+ new members. (Welcome Jessica and Edgar who joined at the meeting!)

Mineral Council report: Blanchard Mt. was the last event of the season. Things pick up again in 2023. Upcoming American Federation and Northwest Federation Gem & Mineral Show August 3–6, 2023, Billings, MT. (Dates confirmed via https://billingsgemclub.com/rock-shows/2023-show)

Lapidary Report: things have been steady. 

2023 Show: March 25 & 26. Current focus is advertising; thanks for helping us spread the word!

Vote for 2023 Board – went over volunteers,does the club accept?

President: Candi Gerard

Vice President: Ralph Sisco 

Secretary: Trevor Duncan

Treasurer: Deb Gannaway

Federation Director: Michael Langley

Director-at-large (3): Dick Carr, Sharon Geleynse, Bonnie Keel

Chairs: Kevin & Kathy Mayock (kitchen)

The club unanimously voted yes to the above, and the new board will be installed in December for the 2023 term. 

Our next meeting is Monday, December 19, 2022. This will be our holiday gathering, as a club we voted to have a gift exchange and potluck. Attire: Wear whatever you are comfortable in. If you want to participate in the gift exchange, bring a gift, if not, don’t.

Coffee duties will be taken care of by volunteer Harold while Kathy & Kevin are away. Thanks for stepping in to help Harold!

Friendly reminder: intro classes, wire-wrapping classes, lap room time must be paid for in advance (at the Mall Store) to participate. If unpaid, a spot may be forfeited in the event of too many people signed up. Please provide receipts and make sure to get phone numbers!

Todd installed a new link on the website for DIY field trips. (If you have photos or info to contribute, please forward them to Todd to be included.) http://mtbakerrockclub.org/?page_id=742.  To navigate from the homepage > Field Trips > DIY Field Trips

7:20 PM – break for coffee and treats.

7:32-7:52 PM – Todd’s presentation about the Grand Coulee Dam and Steamboat Rock geology. It has seen been added as a PDF to our website here: http://mtbakerrockclub.org/?page_id=235

Homepage > Learn More > Links and Resources > Instructional/Educational/Suppliers > Geology of Steamboat Rock State Park (PDF Version)

Mall Store hours: 11-7 including Mondays through the holidays, 11-6 Sundays.

A sign-up sheet went around for the potluck at our December meeting. The following people agreed to bring…

Vegetable Platter, Dinner Rolls: Robin

Potato Salad: Michael

Turkey Meatballs: Jackie

Cookies / Dip: Ralph

Chicken Soup: Jessica 

Deviled Eggs: Trevor

Carrot Bars: Harold

8:00 – Meeting adjourned

Distributed by Secretary Trevor Duncan

11/07/22 Board Meeting Minutes

You need to add a widget, row, or prebuilt layout before you’ll see anything here. 🙂

6:02 pm Meeting called to order by President Candi Gerard at Portal Creek Park Clubhouse. Attending: Michael, Sharon, Ralph, Bonnie, Gordy, Candi, Wes, Deb, Todd, Trevor

Secretary Report: N/A

Treasurer’s Report (Deb): Supplies were purchased; books, lightbulbs, frame for store. Books were recently audited and passed with flying colors. Covered dues, donations, lap room, club sales, rent.

Membership (Wes): 1 new member, lots of renewals in October. Welcome packages for new members were mentioned, what to include – tumbled stones, etc? Inquiry – do we have business cards for the club? No, but we provide brochures. Speaking of which, a new box of 1000 brochures needs folding. Thanks for volunteers!

Mineral Council / Federation (Michael): Last mineral field trip of the year, Blanchard Mt. cancelled due to weather. Olivine dig is also unable to be rescheduled due to weather. Season has ended. Overall lapidary club membership across the US is down due to COVID and lack of funds. Kalispell, MT club cannot find tumblers or parts. Main show for Pac NW in Billings, MT 8/1-8/3 in 2023.

Discussion about the expense of the printed publication most of us received – is there a way to go paperless? Who gets the mailer – all club members, or only board? Will inquire at next general meeting.

Lap Room (Gordy): Walt has been helping out (thanks Walt!) need some grit & belts for the equipment. Thank you everyone for the consistency with collecting payments, documenting names & numbers in corresponding composition books. Oil was discussed – bio oil vs. mineral oil, cost and wear/tear. Oil needs to be changed in saws after the holidays. In favor of bio if it passes the “smell check.”

Discussion about new vendors, scheduling, busy season. Could use help on weekends, and evenings. Flexibility is key.

2023 SHOW (Wes): dates are set, confirmed for March 25 & 26, 2023.

Mall Report (Ralph): Celebrated 2 year anniversary 11/3/22. We are seeing success with new memberships, classes, use of lap room. Canadians are returning to the mall. Anticipating holiday rush. No big news about status of “the mall” in general, but there was recently a security meeting for all tenants.

Deb (Treasurer): mentioned letter from Brookefield RE: proof of insurance. Discussed “key holder” report.

Rock Rendezvous date 2023: October 21, 2023

Todd – WWU scholarship deadline in February. Discussion about a possible weekend field trip. 

UPCOMING: club will take vote at next general meeting for new board members. Facilities: Kevin & Kathy will be gone in AZ, will need assistance with coffee set up, tear down, and storage. 

Vice President Bonnie proposed a sweater theme for the next meeting. 

President Candi brought up a suggestion from Walt about a hold-harmless / liability waiver for use of lap room. Board agrees we should move forward with the form.
New Business: Critters / painted rocks… time to get started for March show. Painted rocks are needed. Volunteers are welcome! (Deb): Need to update names on the WECI bank account. Discussed mileage rate of $.625/ mile. President motioned for a vote, vote passed to reimburse at IRS rate of $.625.

Library (Todd): Books have not been getting checked out, how should we deal with them? Silent auction/ sales discussed. 

6:54 pm – Meeting adjourned

Minutes submitted by Trevor Duncan
Other Club Information: 
Club Web Address:  www.mtbakerrockclub.org
Visit us on Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/groups/mtbakerrockclub
For Questions, Club Email:  admin@mtbakerrockclub.org

Club Retail Store, Bellis Fair Mall, Space 424 (JC Penny’s Wing) Hours:
Closed Mondays, Tuesday-Saturday 11 am to 7, Sunday Noon to 6 pm

Auction at October meeting

The October General Meeting is the annual auction and fundraiser for the club. Bring cash or check! There is no show and tell this month.

Location is at the Pioneer Pavilion Community Center, 2007 Cherry St, Ferndale.

Please bring donations of rocks and rock-hobby related items the night of the auction. Bring cash or check for your winning bids!

You do not need to be a member to bid or donate. Guests are welcome.

The money from the auction goes toward the WWU scholarship fund and club activities.