Auction at October meeting

The October General Meeting is the annual auction and fundraiser for the club. Bring cash or check! There is no show and tell this month.

Location is at the Pioneer Pavilion Community Center, 2007 Cherry St, Ferndale.

Please bring donations of rocks and rock-hobby related items the night of the auction. Bring cash or check for your winning bids!

You do not need to be a member to bid or donate. Guests are welcome.

The money from the auction goes toward the WWU scholarship fund and club activities.

Announcement: Lapidary space at the mall

We have opened a space in Bellis Fair Mall, Space 424, the JC Penny wing. We have had quite a few new members sign up already. We have retail space for members to sell rock-related items or for you to come in to look around and/or purchase items. There are still a couple spaces left for members to sell their rock hobby-related items for a donation fee. We are setting up the Lapidary area. Hopefully, we will be able to have Lapidary classes as well as member use of the lapidary equipment soon. We will keep you posted on the lapidary equipment set up.
The annual Christmas party is cancelled, but if you would like to participate in a Christmas gift exchange, you can drop off a wrapped gift, $15 or less, indicate man or woman if gender specific, at our location in the mall no later than December 15. Then prior to December 24, you would pick up a gift if you dropped one off. This would give you a chance to check out the new location. The gift exchange is voluntary but we hope you would like to participate.
Come in and see the club’s new location!

Mall hours: The December hours are 10 to 8. Except Sunday is 11 to 6. January should go back to regular hours.
Note: There were no newsletters for the months of November and December.

Website Update

You are looking at the newest incarnation of the club’s website. This version will work well on pc monitors, tablets and phones. The layout will resize appropriately. Menus will respond to taps as well as mouse clicks. The site is also keyboard accessible for those have difficulty using a mouse. We now have a search feature so that you can find content within the site. There is a form to use for sending an email to the club. A Facebook icon will take viewers to our club’s Facebook page.

Announcements are at the bottom of all pages. Look there for the latest information on minutes, field trips, parties, volunteer opportunities and so on. The announcements are in the form of WordPress blog entries, and WordPress has the capability of sending blog entries to the email of blog followers. I will be working up instructions on how to sign up for email delivery.

I will be adding content and fixing any problems that turn up now that this version is live. If you would like to create content, particularly in areas of Whatcom geology and mineral identification, please contact me.

I created a new email address for the club with a userid of “admin”. The userid of “prose” will eventually be deleted, so please update your address book.